Resident Advisor

“March’s Best Music”

The Vinyl Factory

“Our 10 favourite releases from March”

Resident Advisor

“The atmospheres are restrained and industrial, but within them she constructs fascinating depths of field.”

Stray Landings

“…what I hear is an album teeming with energy and an eagerness to explore”


“While unremittingly greyscale in tone and minimalist in structure, 5 1 1 5 9 3 still possesses a depth of colour and striking variation of pattern within those parameters.”


„5 1 1 5 9 3, the debut Electric Indigo album is very much an important milestone for both Electric Indigo as an artist but also techno as an entire genre.”

At The Barn

„a diverse haven of crunching, pulsating, warped noises and offbeat rhythm patterns that trying to keep track of every blip and twitch will make your head spin.”


“…zugleich Techno und kein Techno”