Born in Pereira, Colombia in 1980, and now based in Berlin, Germany, LUCRECIA DALT has seen her profile as a musician, sound artist and performer develop into high international regard. Her recorded albums – numbering seven in total, since her 2005 debut – encompass the dual worlds of avant-garde and contemporary electronics, drawing in influences from her academic background as a civil engineer as well as musics and philosophies from across the world.

Dalt’s most recent album – the acclaimed Anticlines, released May 2018 through New York’s RVNG Intl. – was created from synthesis, voice, vocoding and feedback among other musical techniques. It has been described as a marvelous exploration of mercurial ambient music.

As a performer, Dalt illustrates philosophical metaphor about existence creating a complex, haunting narrative, embodying many artistic disciplines with the thought and contextual detail that goes into her work; deeply framed messages are tied together with abstract jagged music, rigid sound design and haunting, poetic vocals, to create a richly layered performance. It can at first feel a bit convoluted, but deep inside the music and beyond the lyrical narrative lies a profound piece of insular art.