Dreams at Dawn” rework by Midori Hirano
on TEKHENU Retold compilation, to be released in October 2023
All or Nothing” Die Nationalmannschaft in Katar
(Amazon Original Series Soundtrack by Midori Hirano)
released via Erased Tapes in September 2023
Modulisme Session 072” by MimiCof
released via Modulisme Session in October 2022
Distant Symphony” by MimiCof
released via Karlrecords in June 2022
Myth” by Midori Hirano
w/ Mami Sakurai, released in Feb 2022
Water Ladder“ by Midori Hirano
w/ Atsuko Hatano, released via Soniscope, Dec 2021
Distant Sediments“ by Midori Hirano
w/ Oh No Noh + Jo David Meyer Lysne, released via TELESKOP, Dec 2021
Soniscope” by Midori Hirano
Released on Dauw, Sept 2021